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Trish Haill - Author

Stand!  A Complete Guide to Showing Your Dog from Companion to Champion

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Published by Crowood Press July 30th (2015), Stand! is a complete guide to dog showing in the UK. 

For the newcomer Stand! will give the detail you're looking for to have the confidence to attend your first show knowing what to do, and what you are there for. 

For the more experienced exhibitor Stand! provides a reference for some of the more obscure showing regulations.

Complete with a summary of how to present 208 different breeds in the show ring Stand! has something for everyone. 

Updates to Kennel Club Showing Regulations

When the KC set up the Show Working Party in late 2013 it was with a view to bringing Dog Showing into the 21st Century, to make it more attractive to newcomers, and to retain existing exhibitors.  A series of changes are being brought in with effect from the 1st January, 2015, some for a trial period of two years.  This website will keep showgoers up to date with changes relevant to exhibtors.
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THA are proud to publish the Blood Brothers Series by Manda Mellett.  The series will comprise of seven books, the first three to be published in 2016.  Romance novels with intriguing plots intertwined with BDSM scenes. 

See mandamallet.com for details.
Stolen Lives Blood Brothers #1 Cover
STOLEN LIVES Blood Brothers #1

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CLOSE PROTECTION Blood Brothers #2

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